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When selling your home – often your biggest asset – it pays to be informed about the documentation that real estate agents require you to complete to provide them the legal authority to advertise and sell your property. Real estate agents operate under very strict rules and regulations with significant penalties for infringements. While the majority of agents act ethically there are still those who are inexperienced and others who flagrantly bully their prospects without fully explaining the implications of the documents they are asking to be signed.  Whether buying or selling it is important to select a trustworthy agent with whom you feel comfortable; you are not obliged to continue dealing with an agent you find unsatisfactory – unless you have already signed the documents.

To avoid an unpleasant and unwanted situation it is in your best interest to be informed about what you are doing regarding the sale of your home. A professional agent will, and is legally bound to fully explain each part and page of the Form 6 Appointment so you are clear about the terms under which you are engaging them. If you are uncertain then speak to a solicitor, or ask for further clarification from the agent, to ensure you understand this legal document before you sign.

Agents in the city, and increasingly in smaller country centres, generally demand an Exclusive authority. However, it is entirely up to the individual vendor to decide upon the terms under which the agent is engaged and once again it is important that you are comfortable with and understand the appointment to which you are agreeing.

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Be informed!