Preparing Your Home for Sale

Planning & Preparation Pays Off

The decision’s made you’ve listed your property for sale. So, what’s next? Despite seeming obvious, the presentation of your home is crucial and good presentation will enhance your chances of selling and getting the price you want. A home that looks well cared for is definitely more appealing than one that looks ‘lived in’

• Painting the exterior or interior of your house can make a dramatic improvement. Keep in mind that, unless you employ an interior decorator, natural ‘easy living’ colours are the safest for universal appeal. The idea is to attract as many people as possible and dramatic colour schemes may limit interest in the property.

• Having everything clean and tidy is also essential. A few hours spent cleaning the exterior walls, roof, windows etc and tidying up the garden go far to create a favourable first impression. Keep lawns mowed and garden tools neatly stowed.

• Decide what are the best features of your home and show them off! A well placed plant; vase of flowers and so forth can be used to draw attention to an area.

• Try to keep clutter to a minimum and remove any unnecessary furniture to make rooms seem more spacious.

You usually have one opportunity to impress potential buyers, so take the time to prepare your property and you will reap the benefits.

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Preparing Your Home for Sale