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The most frequently asked question to a real estate agent from a vendor? “Why hasn’t my place had any inspections?” The short answer is simple: your property needs to be competitively priced within its market category. While you cannot change the essential nature of a property, you can change the price. We have the resources to provide you with current pricing information based on what the market is indicating through the actual sale of property as opposed to the ‘For Sale’ prices you may see on the internet.
There is still a lot of real estate on the market at present so the key is to price your property favourably in relation to properties that directly compete with your own. Don’t assume we are trying to ‘talk down’ your property; like you, we want to achieve the highest sale price we can to generate a more buoyant market and strong ongoing sales. Getting the pricing just right is definitely a challenge.
Buyers are particularly savvy these days with the availability of the internet, mobile phone applications, property data sites, valuations etc. In addition buyers in this market have often discounted the price of their own property in order to sell and often expect, rightly or wrongly, to recoup some of that discount when buying back in.
In summary: Ask our advice to optimally price your property for the market. You don’t have to ‘give’ it away but do be prepared to negotiate.

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Let's Move It, Move It!