Real Estate Christmas & New Year Dilemma

Business or break?

The Christmas season in our office creates an annual dilemma about whether we should take a break or open our doors or at least be contactable by phone.   While there may be visitors to our area interested purchasing, we find it  unreasonable for them to expect our vendors to open their home for inspection when they are enjoying the Christmas/ New Year season with family and friends. That is beside the fact that agents have families too!
Solicitors, the titles office and banks usually take the opportunity to take time off over this period- often several weeks; so in the event that we managed to negotiate a deal on a property the contract would not be reviewed by solicitors, much less progress to banks or government offices, until well into January.
Do prospective buyers and vendors really expect us to keep working and marketing properties or is that just our own perception? It seems sensible to seize the opportunity to take a break along with the businesses associated with our industry and start the year with renewed vigour. Buyers and sellers what is your real expectation of your agent?

Merry Christmas to all. Stay safe over the festive season and all the very best for 2016.

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Real Estate Christmas & New Year Dilemma